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Killing time is a professional exchange platform where entrepreneurs and freelancers share professions and interests. It is the ideal platform where you can find professionals who need your project or that dream that you cannot do just for lack of hands or colleagues related to your profession.

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The Killing Time platform was made since there are many platforms that charge a percent of the jobs that a freelancer or an entrepreneur does. Here at killing time we do not charge commissions nor do we decide what you have to charge for your work or for your time, it is you who set the rules of your work, we only put at your disposal the platform to make it more convenient and bearable team work.

Scope of Graphic Designing in Future

In Killing time is only paid and charged with the AstraCoin currency, which you can mine or buy on the platform, to pay for the purchase of the jobs you need.


Here you can place your ad for free without commissions and without small print.

To get AstraCoin you just have to request it in the following here, you can mine it, or share it.

Create your wallet first of all here

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